Add your energy + Intention to the growing collective Alee channels for each month!

Welcome Soul Innovators

Hello Again, Innovators!

Thanks again for joining me for a phenomenally charged evening. What an awesome crew! Here are BOTH recordings from tonight:

Recording #1 Class Content and Q+A 

Recording #2 Program Details and Channeled Activation 

This activation is awesome! Major clearing of the times when we suffered for being an Innovator and a huge infusion of the Joy and Possibility that is there now. Plus we all connect into the New Earth. Whoo!

Ya know...being an Innovator isn't always easy. Whether it's fear of persecution or technical difficulties during your teleclass 😉  But somehow we have all hung in there. Once I realized how many of you stayed on the call while it was muted it struck me that that is one of the coolest aspect of a Soul Innovator. Their capacity for patience and holding space and trust that something good is en route.  Thank you my friends.

This is THE PRIME time on our planet to wake up to your role as Soul Innovator and introduce transformation, love, success and vitality into previously difficult aspects of your life. You are the change. The world is waiting for YOU!
You activate your Soul Innovator status when you...

  1. Decide that it’s happening (and make all decisions here on out based on that knowing.)
  2. Pay attention to the relationships in your life (especially the four CRUCIAL ones discussed on the call.)
  3. Stop asking for permission from your environment and begin setting the tone for your world around you, rather than scrunching down or adapting to “what is.”

It is also integral to receive support and connection as you navigate uncharted territory in transformation, healing and success.
To that end, I am absolutely thrilled to have formally launched The Soul Innovator Collective

This dynamic virtual group program is a super-charged container to:

  • Create a new environment and community experience that will connect you to awesome people who will uplift, motivate and inspire you, as you do them.
  • Transform your personal frequency and over potential with powerful energetic activations and solid action steps.
  • Offer you consistent support, accountability and resources to reach your goals and fulfill your desires.
  • Release you from the painful patterns and stories of the past; whether from a day ago, two years ago or two lifetimes ago. You are here to clear it, not perpetuate it!
  • Activate vibrant health, exciting and loving relationships, a fulfilling and prosperous daily lifestyle and deep inner peace and connection the Divine.

I am finally unveiling a monthly membership group program because I want as many people as possible to have access to the information, energy and RESULTS that until now have only been possible by mentoring with me in a private container.   This program is designed to be fun, convenient and accessible to most budgets. (PS… if you are here to manifest more financial resources in your life as an Innovator we will work on that too in the group!

Program Details

  • Three recorded content and energetic activation 60-75 minute teleclasses per month which are comprised of:
  • A teleclass to open the theme of the month, activate manifestations and intentions and clear energetically clear any blocks or hindrances.
  • A mid-month teleclass to check in, ask questions, receive live coaching and energy work as well as the opportunity to mastermind and network with your fellow tribe-members.
  • An end of month teleclass to integrate the work of the month, activate more opportunities and complete the theme.

You will receive MP3 recordings of all classes within 24 hours in case you miss a call or want to receive even more energetic healing and activation.  You can expect guest teachers and healers, too! As of now these calls are scheduled for Wednesdays but can change based on needs of current group.

  • Total support devising an easy, organized and successful Manifestation Plan for each month
  • Fun content, recipes, articles and resources as relevant to our collective energy
  • A private Facebook forum for the group to hang and support each other. I will also be checking in and answering questions.


I am also offering everyone who enrolls for October access to the September content and our last live call on 9/28! This is being called THE most potent day of ascension and transformation for our planet ever!

The Investment

First of all- I want to honor this sacred exchange and celebrate you for making the choice to invest in your own growth, healing and transformation.  It is always my intention to offer you phenomenal value and integrity with my services.    As an innovator, oftentimes the choice to do this will be brand new to you; your environment, community and experience. I still remember the excitement, nerves and anticipation as I began to invest in myself in this way. It has surely been one of the best choices of my life. Thanks for leading the charge and modeling what is possible to others.

  • The Soul Innovator Collective is $147 per month, with a three month requirement.  I request a three month commitment so that you give yourself the space and time to create solid results, real transformation and full connection to the group. You can pay monthly by clicking here
  • You can save some money and relax into the experience rather than the payments by paying in full for three months at a discounted rate of $397, which can be purchased by clicking here or paying in full for six months at a discounted rate of $597, which you can purchase here .

Still have a few questions? Interested in private Soul Board Meeting sessions or the Akashic Records as well? You can check out some client testimonials here  You can also schedule some complimentary time in my online calendar so that we can do some brief soul channeling as well as chat and create the perfect option for you. Click here to schedule and Choose “Soul Innovator Session” when scheduling - it's the third one down.

Ready to move forward now?  We already have a fantastic group of people coming together for next month and we are excited to have you join us.

With lots of love and total freaking excitement for what’s to come,