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"Alee has a gift: a vibrant energy that shimmers almost visibly around her, an intuition that sees and penetrates into the hearts, minds and souls of others and a connection to a spiritual plane that heals and opens those of us who come to her, are drawn to her, for reasons that are often unknown even to us.  My energy and healing work with Alee has helped me to acknowledge and move through the hurts and traumas of this life and previous lives.  By doing this, I am starting to feel unshackled, trembling a little at what's to come, but armed with an emerging sense of hope and even victory.  She's my guide, my mentor and my friend and will be all those things to anyone fortunate enough to work with her."

Sonia, HR Executive, Santa Monica, CA

“Alee is an inspiring and incredibly gifted medium and soul channel, and I say this with an immense amount of gratitude for how her gift has changed my life.  I had no idea how much my life was going to take shape before working with her.  I knew I had unique gifts and a soul purpose, but I didn't quite understand the depths of what that meant.  I believed life to be hard and that struggle was necessary to my success.  I had all these ideas about life and my personal story in it.  When I began working with her, the years of healing work that I had been striving toward began to pull through with momentum.  Alee helped me clear through the stories that were invisibly and unconsciously controlling my life.  Patterns that I thought were impossible to clear now became my greatest soul awakening.  I had been playing small for so long I didn't see the possibilities.  In a very short period of working with Alee, I have awakened to my life purpose with such a deep connection to the Absolute Truth of my Being.  I moved forward each day with Possibility, with the Love of sharing my Soul and with the knowing that I am destined and designed for Greatness.” ~Nee'nah, Musician and Healer, Los Angeles
“I was drawn to Alee's mix of intuitive and healing modalities and they, in combination with her coaching and ability to create an awesome space of support and compassion, have been so much more beneficial that I could have even expected. It has literally been the highlight of my week since my first session with her and I have looked forward to our sessions together more and more each time.

My sessions with Alee have been the pinnacle of this time of healing in my life and I have experienced shifts in my body (I've had a lot of energy work done but never actually felt changes in my body during, like I had with Alee), thought processes, revelations and realizations, emotional well-being, spirituality/connection with myself, and just in my life overall. I feel like working with Alee has skyrocketed my healing and sense of peace within my life and body. Ever since the first session, she has brought up things in my life that no one would have ever known and they have helped to aid my healing and bring me so much peace. I also had so much fun and laughter during the sessions as well!

The changes I have experienced are not even just well-worth the money I spent, they far outweigh and don't even compare to the energy exchange that I gave Alee. This has been the "thickest" healing I've had mixed with the best and most valuable intuitive experiences I've had. Working with Alee has definitely changed my life and sent me on a new, lighter, and more empowered trajectory in life and I am so incredibly grateful for it.”

-Emily, Teacher, St. Louis


I see Alee as a Spiritual Godmother for all those she works with. Her respect and compassion for a soul's journey runs deep, making her sessions incredibly transformative and healing. The info she shares from the Akashic Records not only helps to clear blockage, pain, and residue from one's body and psyche, but supports the person to rebuild new patterns that are healthier and more supportive to that person's unique path. My sessions with Alee leave me feeling freer and in the flow with life, yet centered and secure. I'm grateful to have access to such good medicine.

-Celeste, Massage Therapist, HI

“I met Alee at an event where she was giving soul board meetings. Not knowing exactly what I signed up for I had no idea what to expect but I am so grateful I did! If I had to sum up my experience with Alee in one word it would be: Revelation. From the moment she took my hand and we started, my soul was humming with activity and then magic began; though trust this is no parlor trick- Alee is the real deal. From the first, it was as though she knew me, could see right through me and any and all facades.  She brought insight and closure to some topics I knew were unresolved and still more, shined a light on those others that had roots in dark places.  Without her guidance I do not know how I would ever have been able to recognize and disentangle my chi. Through her I gained insight and clarity on people and situations that long left me unsettled and imbalanced. Her aura is one of easy familiarity and affinity. You’ll leave feeling unburdened and enlightened. I recommend Alee for anyone looking seeking epiphany and growth.”

Christina S- Executive Assistant


“Alee has a tremendous ability to tap into phenomena that lie beneath the surface of our lives, affecting our every move whether we realize it or not. I walked into her Soul Board Meeting feeling like life was a random string of unrelated events, and I left pulsing with renewed faith in the innate synchronicities of the universe. Cynics beware: this ain’t touchy-feely new age self-help fluff. Alee is the real deal. Alternately pragmatic, hilarious, and downright raunchy, she keeps one foot in the limitless realm of spirits, and the other planted firmly in the “real world.” The Soul Board Meeting is so universally appealing, I could imagine anyone feeling at home in the process: a performance artist, a company CEO, a Mary Kay salesperson, or a monster truck driver.”

-Kate, Novelist, Chicago, IL

"I've participated in both personal and group soul board meetings. Powerful experiences! I met pieces of myself from past lives and met members of my non-physical team. They helped me bring my awareness to where it needed to be, help clear, cleanse and energize my system, and ultimately jump-started and continue to guide me on my path towards self-fulfillment and healing.

-Ellen, Musician, St. Louis, MO
“Alee is a healer’s healer; she has allowed me to identify the root of experiences that I had been working on making peace with for a long time but had yet to fully understand, expose and heal. She works with such clarity to help her clients access the root of their discomfort and experience healing. Alee creates a sacred space that is comfortable, nurturing and safe allowing for Soul Board Meetings become a co-creative experience that include a wide array of emotional release. My personal spiritual growth has accelerated at an appropriately rapid pace creating space in my life for new experiences rather than the same patterns appearing over and again. I recommend Soul Board Meetings to anyone ready to do some serious work and see some incredible results!”

-Lauren K, Youth Wellness Educator, Social Entrepreneur, Chicago, IL

“Working with her was immediately comfortable and I was able to uncover areas of my spirit that needed more exploration and healing. I felt safe to unlock parts of myself that had previously been closed. After my first Soul Board Meeting with Alee, I felt things in my life begin to shift rapidly. I saw new doors open, filled with experiences I had been hoping to manifest for a long time. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new perspective and for something deeper.”

Rhea V., Yoga Teacher and Marketing/Events Manager, Chicago, IL

“Delving into the Akashic Records has never been as exciting as my session with Alee. She allowed me to feel safe as I was vulnerable and opened my eyes to many wonderful possibilities that seemed out of reach and helped me to release what no longer serves me. With gentleness, humor, and song. May she continue to heal the world one person at a time!

-HB Franklyn, CA

I have had sessions with Alee Reina Hoffman throughout the last year. Alee was the first person I opened up to about my life. What I had been through as a child, teenager and now as an adult. Before the session Alee was very professional with verifying our appointment date and time, informing me of any paperwork I needed to fill out, tips before the session, during and after. During the session I was able to open up to Alee about current and past situations in my life. It was very natural being able to speak with her. It is saying with confidence she is one of the first people who knows a large part of my history. Every session I have had with her I have felt guidance, relief and refresh. I have been able to work out of panic/anxiety attacks. Recently, her guidance during one of our sessions has led me to be able to cope with an end of an 8 year relationship, finding balance in all of my new life situations and to build upon my confidence. Without a doubt, I would recommend Alee Reina Hoffman. Her work has helped to make me into the person I am today.

-Sarah, Office Manager, Chicago