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Spring Fling Bowl



When I tuned into the energy of this month’s report I also asked for support whipping up recipe that would be healing, refreshing and nourishing to the current process our collective is moving through. Here it is! And it takes all of 5 minutes to make.

Arugula is cooling, hydrating and a great source of phytonutrients, not to mention being known for its aphrodisiac properties.  Parsley cleans the blood and offers Vitamin D. Fermented cabbage AKA sauerkraut as well as the fresh lemon will support your gut function, improve your skin tone, burn fat, mineralize your body and give your body that sour fermented quality the liver and gallbladder is craving. Although many people do well with animal foods in their diet, this season in particular it is helpful to vary our fat and protein sources. Tahini is a healthy fat made from sesame seeds. It is an amazing source of calcium and actually helps to detoxify the liver.  If you are going to eat soy as a protein and fat, the healthiest possible way to have it is fermented. That would include as miso paste or as the tempeh seen here in this dish. Another delicious way to eat tempeh is cut into slices and fried in ghee as a more nourishing alternative to French fries. Let me know what you think!


Large handful of arugula
Chopped parsley to taste
½ cup of sauerkraut and other pickled veggies to taste
½ cup of tempeh, crumbled
2 tablespoons organic sesame tahini
1 tablespoon mustard
Himalayan sea salt and crushed black pepper to taste
Squeeze of fresh lemon

Pour into a bowl mix and serve. Lightly heat some or all of the ingredients if you prefer.

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