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The Soul Channel Report February 2015: Trust, Space + Creamcicles


Greetings, friends!

As we noted in the December Soul Channel Report, the collective energy encouraged us as individuals to step up as leaders and live from the place of knowing who we really are and why we are really here on the planet at this time. If we are here to be leaders in our global and local communities, we must know how to communicate with the world around us. Naturally, the guidance of January invited us to claim 2015 as the Year of the Voice – a time to clarify, develop and share our own unique expression with the world. How did you notice that thread woven through your world? I felt the energy through the media coverage and subsequent creative freedom protests stemming from the tragic terror attacks on the Charlie Hedbo satirical cartoonists, the uproar over the musician Sia’s modern dance music video, and watching my brother Gabe, a holistic practitioner and two-time cancer survivor deliver an incredibly intriguing speech to oncology doctors (and thousands of online viewers) on cancer as the 21st century Hero’s Journey. You can check out his talk here:

In my own life, one way I expressed this energy was by getting together with my spiritual business masterminding group and other dear friends and allies in Portland, OR. While being witnessed by my mastermind sister I publically declared desires for my life and career that were simultaneously the largest and the truest goals I have ever been brave enough to ask for; so much so that they brought me to tears. I stood by my words, even through the tears.

And here we are closing out February.  This month, the collective energy asks us to trust. When we speak from our deepest point of truth, the next thing we can usually notice is a large wave of space.  Expressing our present authenticity has the power to clear out that in our current reality which is not a match to this.  Even though it feels good to speak authentically, this subsequent space can feel scary. Recently I have noticed it looking like both the endings and the beginnings of careers and relationships for many of the people in my environment. In both cases, we must trust; letting go or opening.

For me personally, my new declarations included creating about 25 hours more new space in my week   to work on new projects, cultivate new partnerships and have some time to recharge between channeling sessions. I am still getting used to managing this new amount of open space, and it’s triggering that little kid in me who felt safer being involved with a bunch of things at once, who is waiting for that “against the wall” deadline and always got her book report done at 10pm the night before it was due. Although there is much to celebrate in my life, I started to experience an overwhelming amount of fear in my body the more deeply I stepped into my new reality. By the end of last week it had in fact manifested into my first ever urinary tract infection. Energetically, fear is stored in the bladder and kidneys, and the urinary tract symbolizes whether we are in the “flow” of our life or desperately trying to “stop up the works.”

If fear follows this new space, the next possible experience may be to cling to regret, as we circle back around to the choices and experiences of the past. New experiences are wired in our brain as things we are not totally sure we can survive; perhaps, a part of us surmises, it would be better to try to rekindle what we know as familiar, even if it wasn’t working. At least we know we can survive it. This ideology was especially prevalent for many of us in the last couple of weeks between the mercury retrograde and Aquarian New Moon.  The particular story I have heard (and experienced) most frequently from my own circle is a regret of how time, money or energy from the past was utilized. When we are hooked in to what we did from the past, naturally we are cramping the style of the future. Not only that, but we make it hard for unlimited, flowing abundance and prosperity to find us. This is because the root of this regret is that we have used up or wasted our allotted amount of resources, which is a belief of lack.

The truth is that we invested and utilized our resources in the best way we knew how at the time. The truth is that there's more where that came from, and the sooner we let go of the story of the past, we can get in the flow, get excited about what’s happening let in the next wave of unlimited resources, in whatever variation we desire.


Here are some effective and simple ideas for manifesting from this perspective

  1. Honor transition and the space it brings as sacred. If possible, do not fill it right away with social obligations or activities. Be thoughtful and loving in what you allow in next. Do not be afraid of your own company- you are a great person to hang out with. Do not be afraid of silence- it’s the best way to hear.
  2. Create a “Desire List” by writing down at least 50 desires you currently have, of any variety. Leave no stone unturned. Notice what you hesitate to write down because it seems too big or too small. Then write it. Look at the list each day and observe which desires you most enjoy reading back. These are the desires that will be filling the new space.
  3. Watch media that uplifts you. I have especially enjoyed the videos of Matt Kahn’s teachings this month and have been sending this one out to my clients: You can also watch the following video and energetic activation I created for this newsletter.

The following video has been transmitted with support from our collective “non-physical” team of teachers, guides and our own higher selves to help us call back all the pieces of us still stuck in these old stories so that we can manifest what we REALLY want from our new, spacious perch in the world.

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