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The Soul Channel California Tour


  Very grateful and excited to take my practice on the road again! The Soul Channel California Tour begins today! It’s going to be a fun mix of private sessions, live workshops, connecting with dear friends and family, road-tripping through North Cali with my man, going into deep masterminding with my sisters, and other adventures […] Read more…

April Soul Channel Report


  Happy April, Soul Channel Collective, Have the sunny days, warm breezes and Easter candy sales brought out the kid in you?  If so, you are right on target, because when I called in the April theme for our collective it was : “Go Back to the Child Within.”  There are two parts to this theme, […] Read more…

Alee’s Healing Recipes : Seaweed salad to convert anyone!


The Very Best Seaweed Salad (to convert anyone) This recipe has gone through many incarnations and has always been a friend-family-client favorite since I started making it in 2006. The longer it sits the better it tastes- perfect to have in the fridge to start the week or for a party/BBQ. You will be pleasantly […] Read more…

Spring Fling Bowl


When I tuned into the energy of this month’s report I also asked for support whipping up recipe that would be healing, refreshing and nourishing to the current process our collective is moving through. Here it is! And it takes all of 5 minutes to make. Arugula is cooling, hydrating and a great source of […] Read more…

March Soul Channel Report


Check out this month’s Energetic Activation: From claiming our mission to authentic self-expression to trusting the space that comes with, we naturally flow into this month’s theme, Respecting Your Value. When we make the decision to know who we really are and what we really want, we can then investigate whether we have built a […] Read more…

Women + Relationships


  Today as you may have already seen marks International Women’s Day. I have enjoyed seeing how this is being acknowledged and celebrated across social media, and it reminded me of this amazing Goddess Ball some friends of mine organized a couple years ago on Valentine’s Day in partnership with to help end global trafficking. No […] Read more…

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