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October 2015 Soul Channel Report


Oct SC

Be HERE, in your BODY, NOW!

Welcome to The Soul Channel Report for October.  Each month I tune into current energy as well as the collective message and guidance for everyone who will be coming across this report and is therefore connected to this message.


In addition to The Soul Channel Report, each month I also channel the theme for my rolling monthly group program, The Soul Innovator Collective.  Our specific group program theme for October was, “Be The Rock, Not The Sponge.”  When the waters of Life course so tumultuously in our world – in particular a lot of sudden loss – how can we flow with life, participate with life but not be battered around by the waves of life?  How do we release the urge to absorb the environment around us and stop processing on everyone else’s behalf?


As myself and the group navigated that theme this month,  the larger message of The Soul Channel Report  coincided perfectly.  It is “Be HERE and be in YOUR body.”   As you own what is fully yours to process and experience you will naturally be supporting the process of the greater good.


Our life continues to become more virtual, energetic and telepathic. Here’s what is beautiful about that: it allows us to become a truly global family where we can connect with kindred spirits anywhere in the world, it allows us to truly experience the power of group intention, it empowers us to go beyond what we it perhaps physically possible in the current physical environment.  It gives us more manifestation power and creative control of reality and we are starting to blur the door between worlds, reclaiming our psychic healing abilities, spirituality and connection to our own genius.


Here’s the shadow of that:  We run the risk of becoming completely disconnected from our physicality.  We may live our life through the tiny lens of a smartphone instead of  being engaged in the beauty right here on the largest screen ever 🙂  Perhaps we  anxiously try to capture every special moment through picture, status update or text instead of sometimes just really letting the beauty of it  wash over us.  And we can often be in a state of anxiety and fear about things that are not ACTUALLY happening.   We live in fear of thoughts, ideas and concepts that we are indoctrinated into choosing to participate in and yet we are experiencing it as if it is being forced upon us with no option in sight.


Our bodies are operating as if and responding to something that’s not even really happening for in that red hot moment.   We stress about our money even when we have everything we need in that moment and even when,  thanks to credit cards and online banking, we may not have even physically touched our actual currency physically in weeks.  We feel pressure to measure up to our social connections, or fret over a disagreement with family and friends, even though the whole exchange took place through an easily misconstrued text message, Facebook update or a freaking emoji!!


We live in a vibrational universe, where like frequency attracts like frequency.  In order to turn the tide on our planet and make our world a match to safety, security, prosperity,  peace, love and joy,  a larger percentage of our living beings must be harnessing those energies as their dominant frequencies.  Animals, especially those given the freedom to embody their true nature are holding it down for us.  As are the land, plants, mountains and bodies of water that are treated with respect.   So we are nearly there already should we prioritize the well-being of the natural physical environment...A collective goal that deserves its own report.  Beyond that, we must look to the frequency we harness in our our body, mind and community.


Many of us have undergone a trauma that truly shook us to our core and activated our need for immediate, adrenaline-pumped perseverance in order to survive it, whether  it be physically, emotionally or both. We may have felt fear, rage, betrayal and grief. Our body matched these emotions with physical responses like going numb, feeling pain, shallow or panicked breathing, a tight choked sensation at the throat, sweating, a racing heartbeat, tears, immediate change in our digestive or urinary function.   Our behaviors may have matched our body and emotions by shouting, hitting, kicking, running away or even going totally silent and “shutting down.”  This is a part of the Human Experience.


Sadly, there are many in our global community who are encountering a visceral battle to survive in their actual physical environment on perhaps a daily basis.  But for many of those reading this message, we are simply harnessing the frequency of potential disaster or danger rather than actually encountering it, yet the effect to the global collective frequency is the same. THAT’s how powerful energetic intention and thought really is, on both sides of the scenario.  We can honor, heal and transform the suffering of this planet by recognizing that we are the ones who in actuality have the freedom to choose something different.


One of my abilities as a channel and healer is that I can see, feel and translate the stories, images, and vibrations that are both around and within a person’s body.  This is why I would love to wipe out the saying “Time heals all wounds.”  We feel ashamed that we are still traumatized by something that happened a month ago, when I have found incredibly clear and detailed traumas still active in myself or a client’s physical field that occurred literally hundreds of years prior!  If we don’t honor, witness and clear it, the frequency remains, attracting more of these feelings.  Other behaviors connected to the trauma can remain as well, such as eating, drinking, working and otherwise  engaging in Life in a way that does not feel healthy, free and empowering. This is an especially confusing prospect if the root of the vibration is from an unconscious or past-life memory, or if it is within you from absorbing the energy of others.


It is time to release survival-brain mode and prioritize fully grounding, integrating and really FEELING what is true for us NOW.   Here are three simple and fun ideas to raise your frequency to joy, love, prosperity and safety and manifest that reality for yourself and the world:


1.  Do something physical as slowly as possible, with no possibility to numb out from a frantic or distracted pace. Take in all the sensations… Good choices include a body scrub or moisturizing, sipping a warming beverage, eating a piece of fruit,  yoga or stretching, making love or taking a walk.


2.  Make a list of 20 ways that you are safe/loved/prosperous /healthy in that very moment… I promise there are at least 20 ways when you release judgement.


3.   Take a few minutes to send love out to the world and allow the image of a still-living friend, family member or acquaintance to pop into your head. Let yourself be slightly vulnerable.  Reach out to them via an actual phone call and if possible make a plan for an in-person meeting even if it requires a trip. Or allow a whole slew of them to pop up for you and throw a dinner party just because. This one hit home for me this month when a beloved family member passed away and we had a beautiful weekend gathering after his funeral with friends and family who have not seen each other in months or years coming together.  People who loved each other and loved him engaged in activities he loved in one of his favorite places. His energetic presence was everywhere, but how sweet it would have been to have all been together in person when that was still available.  I personally made a vow to drop everything, travel if need be and “make it work” when there is nothing to mark the occasion besides the fact we are alive, well and present!


Sending lots of Love,



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