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May Soul Channel Report





May 2015 Soul Channel Report

Greetings from The Soul Channel California Tour! I have been weaving my way from Southern to Northern California since late April.  It’s been an amazing opportunity to trust my desires, make a decision and then surrender to the process It’s been an honor to facilitate powerful Soul Board Meeting circles, private sessions, Akashic Record Activation classes and my newest offering; VIP full-day Soul Channel Intensives.  SO many Soul Innovators out here in California; the majority of the circles held the theme of innovating in the realms of family, business and femininity.

I also had the opportunity for some powerful up-leveling with my female entrepreneur mastermind group at a three day retreat. Now I am relaxing into a more vacation-style part of the tour for the next few days; my boyfriend came to meet me here in the Bay Area. We have been staying in a “glamorous camper” located in a chicken garden, which you will see in the video 🙂  You can check out this month's video activation right here!

In a few minutes we will be road-tripping out to Big Sur before heading back to San Francisco in time for facilitating an all-day Soul Channel Intensive.

In a way, this trip has been kind of like being on a rock and roll tour. There has been a different place to sleep every night and a new direction of travel every day. I have felt deeply connected to  many people while having to also get back on the road not sure when I would be seeing them  in person again.  Another skill-set that I have been improving in real time is how to  make rapid and direct decisions every day to coordinate these sessions, travel and accommodations.


The true invitation from this tour was to learn be very present with myself. In order to facilitate the amount of channeling and sessions that I have done while on the road, I needed to get very clear on what I needed as far as food, sleep, and privacy.  When it got hectic, I learned I could recharge simply with the beauty of California. Warm sun, the magical looking flower and trees (and I am especially taken with all these giant aloe plants!) and the energy and visual of the ocean and mountains. In fact this came up with a private soul board meeting this past week ; use the energy of water to flow, cleanse and be flexible. Use the energy of the mountains when it’s time to be strong and unyielding; particular with your own self-care.

This is all just perfect for this month’s theme: Heal the Check-Out and Check IN to your life – with the help of Mother Nature.  Part of the patterning and healing of the Child Aspect of last month’s report goes a step deeper.  It’s time to clear that moment in your energetic field where you learned to check out when you felt dis- empowered or misunderstood.  The collective energy used the image of a general “grown-up” taking out his anger and yelling at a child that represented our collective. In that moment as the adult figure continued to ignore the experience the child was having, that piece of us learned to disconnect and check out of our life.  To navigate our life into an experience of vitality, love and abundance, the moment where we feel dis-empowered or hurt is in fact when we want to most fully check IN.

This month’s guidance has shared that there are many of us in the collective still operating from that place of disconnect when we begin to feel disempowered or trapped in our relationships to our inner circle or community, our work and daily life or even our relationship with our self.
We all find short-term ways to disconnect from that feeling of discomfort or dis-empowerment.    As adults our disconnect solution can include certain types of foods, alcohol, gossiping, marijuana, sex, working out, the internet and TV and other hobbies. The vehicles themselves can remain neutral.  The fact that we even disconnect can also remain neutral. This behavior was a form of survival for many of us when we didn't have other ways to do so as children. However, as adults, we now have the power. And the issue is that when we use something to disconnect from a feeling it simply puts a “pause button” on the situation. We then find ourselves in a loop of thinking we have healed or gotten over something only to find it back in our lives through either the same situation or a new vehicle that carries the same issue.

Mother Nature asks our collective to utilize her energy to stay checked in during a tough moment. Be reminded that you are a beloved child of the Earth, and you are very wanted here. Enjoy the warmth of the sun, the refreshment of the rain, some deep breaths of fresh air and the breeze running through your hair. Receive the nourishment of delicious fruits and vegetables, fresh and in season if possible. These are all the ways this planet loves us and provides opportunities to be healed, happy and whole. This is a way of changing up the energy in a way that is authentically transformational. In that moment when you want to leave your feelings behind, how can you receive the energy of Nature? How can you send back your gratitude for these gifts?  That is the question to answer this month.

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