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March Soul Channel Report



Check out this month's Energetic Activation:

From claiming our mission to authentic self-expression to trusting the space that comes with, we naturally flow into this month’s theme, Respecting Your Value. When we make the decision to know who we really are and what we really want, we can then investigate whether we have built a foundation and a lifestyle to support that. Our collective guides are urging us to drop into some reverence and honor for what they have always known us as- light, wisdom, and power choosing to be seen in the vessel of a human body. Your gifts are SO valued and needed. So what do you need to fulfill your gifts at their highest potential? How do you need to treat your body to feel strength and vitality? What sort of thoughts, people and experiences make you feel happy, calm and secure? What is your ideal environment, schedule, relationship, social life?

Additionally as we make our way to Friday’s Spring Equinox, that idea of making space is back from last month, with a detoxifying twist. What happens around us in our natural environment is always happening within us as well. Here in Chicago a series of warm sunny days gave us a much anticipated thaw of the ice and snow that’s blanketed the ground for months. While we look up to beautiful blue skies and warm breezes when we look down, we are apt to see old bottles, trash and other types of litter that has been frozen to the ground for the duration of the winter. Likewise in our internal thaw we are looking and feeling above to brighter, more exciting times but any physical or energetic toxins that have remained frozen in our foundation are also being brought up for release.

In both cases, all that is required is flow- through movement and the energetics of water. We welcome the spring rains that will cleanse and fertilize the soil and move out the sediment. We bless the community members that will be picking up trash and litter as it comes across their path. Signs of your own internal thaw out can be spotted by a runny nose or eyes, popping in the ears, coughs and sore throats, a weird taste in the mouth, slight rashes or breakouts on the skin, tummy sensitivities and slight headaches. Emotionally you may notice indecision or anger bubble up… both of these feelings are stored in the liver and gallbladder which are especially cleansing themselves this season. Here are a few ways you can greatly support in the clearing process:


-Sip room temperature water with lemon.
-Eat fresh bitter veggies like dandelion greens, radishes, burdock root, parsley and arugula. (Check the recipe below!)
-Sweat it out through a sauna/steam or whatever vigorous sweaty activity you enjoy.
-Give yourself a good scrub with a washcloth or body brush in the shower.
-Go for a long walk and give yourself time to stretch out afterwards.
-Get a massage, energy healing treatment or acupuncture.
-Have a good scream: if you don't have a place to do so openly you can yell into a pillow, sing at the top of your lungs in the car, or go to a crowded karaoke bar and let loose.

For a clear-cut plan to detox and refresh your entire life, this Spring join my Spring Awakening Mini-Program! More Details here!

When it comes to calling in our ideal levels of support and respecting our value, another major aspect of this month for those of us in the Soul Channel Report Collective is taking a deeper look at our finances. Namely, the message is that it is time for many of us in this collective to start having more of it available as that experience is correlated to our authentic desires and soul purpose!

Our guides tell me that many of us in this crew hide from money through "vagueness" so this time of year can be quite an awakening.
We have done or are in the process of completing our taxes, and perhaps for the first time in quite a while we are getting a good look at our financial experience this last year.

We have seen many traditional financial infrastructures begin to break down and deflate in recent times because the energetic contract of money and its purpose for our society is changing. The consciousness of money is actually wanting to fulfill its own highest potential as a resource. Yes, the true desire of currency is to be drawn towards and utilized by those who are living from a conscious, heart-centered space.


(This is Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of Love, Wealth and Prosperity. I have had many helpful and fun experiences with her during my Soul Board Meeting channeled healing sessions.)

The question is: how do you want to experience money? How much would you like to earn or manifest it, and for what services or under what context? Money is simply a thread of energy and a source of fuel. One of its great abilities is to generate a variety of choices for ourselves and others. With it we can travel and enjoy beautiful experiences with loved ones; we can contribute to causes and businesses we believe in. We can invest in our own growth and healing and support our family to do the same. Money is also a very easy, clear-cut way to claim value for your energetic output and contribution to the world.

Sometimes we can feel boxed into the past decisions we have already made around this energy source. We may look at our current situation and be unable to see a way to have more money, or to make money doing work we love. This is an example of adapting to the energy around us rather than having the energy adapt to us. It is an example of creating comfort in the lack and a discomfort in the having. First we acknowledge this. That’s step one in any process and where we are currently is always where we have to begin.

In actuality, we are usually interacting the resource of money the way we tend to interact with any resource whether it be love, education, food or anything else; defaulting to what we saw and see as possible for others in our immediate environment.
First thing’s first- it’s time to make friends with money! Here are four fun and easy ways:
Make a list of all the ways you are already supported by money to enjoy your life – that awesome trip you took last summer, the medicine and treatments you were able get when you were sick, the concert tickets you just bought to see your favorite band, the spin class you took today through your gym membership, the birthday dinner you took your friend out for last week, the donation you made to a charity dear to your principles, your favorite bath and body products in the shower, the fact that you have the funds available to pay the rent for an apartment you love living in...
Participate in experiences that activate your own flow and generosity without it necessarily meaning a literal money exchange. Perhaps for you it would be donating your time or abilities to a cause or a friend in need. Personally I find it crucial for my own flow to keep my kitchen stocked with healthy, delicious food. Then I prepare a tasty homemade meal for somebody I care about at least twice a week. It gives me genuine pleasure to do so, it creates an opportunity for some connected, present time with different people and I always find I manifest even more abundance, money and otherwise, both during the experience and the following day.
Have a “Money Date.” Give yourself an hour of uninterrupted time. Create the sort of environment you like when you are sharing really intimate or present time with another person. This could include playing great music, making a pot of tea or lighting candles. Use this time to be present and intimate with the frequency of money. You can do things like pay your bills, deal with any outstanding debts, start a budget for a trip or experience you want to invest in, or track the amount of money that has come into your reality thus far this month, whether it be through your job, selling an item, a check from Grandma, etc. Another powerful action during a money date is to transfer 10% of whatever is in your checking account into savings.
Plant a seed that represents new prosperity in your life into a pot of soil. Energetically infuse the seed with the intention with that intention. You can do this in your mind’s eye or by literally putting your hands in the dirt and breathing out that intention. Notice the way something that is a small intention blossoms into something abundant. Allow yourself to see that growing blossom as your growing experience with prosperity.
Happy Spring Releases and Riches to you, Soul Channel Collective! Always With Love, Alee




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