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June 2015 Soul Channel Report



June 2015 Soul Channel Report
Owning It All

Greetings, Soul Innovators!  I am so excited to share the message our collective guides, teachers and souls have brought us this month.  The collective guidance for May was to look at where we “check out” of our lives in those pivotal moments that require us to BE here NOW to move through a period of transformation into something better.  So perfectly enough, the message for June is “Own You…ALL of You!”   I used this picture of a bird I took at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium because it brings to mind what so many of us attempt: to keep one part of us, the part we think is worthy of approval, visible, while trying to hide other parts of our self that we perceive as less lovable.  Yet , just like both the above-water and submerged parts of the bird, in the end it's all there, showing up in our life. If we learn to work  with and love ALL of us it's a hell of a lot more fun and successful that trying and failing to deny something that is there.

Think of something you are wanting deeply at this time: maybe it’s a more fulfilling career, more financial freedom, more justice and support in our local and global communities, a healthier body, the opportunity to travel, a better living situation or an exciting and rock-solid romantic relationship.  Perhaps you are currently experiencing the reality of these desires in a half-baked way, in little spurts or perhaps not at all. The energy of this month says that many of this tuned into this message may say something like this when asked about said desire: “I don’t understand! Why can’t I manifest this? I meditate, make vision boards, say my affirmations and take all the real-world action steps.”  Or “This situation came out of nowhere!  Here are all of my of reasons I could have never seen this hardship coming, and now I have no idea what to do.”
This is a tough-feeling place to be in. It’s frustrating, disempowering and can take away the hours of laughter, restful sleep and relaxation that would otherwise be in its place.  The energy of it says “My needs won’t be met, and I don’t know how to go any further.” If you are currently in this feeling place about any of the above examples or something else, you are in good company this month 😀   Let's get you back on track with this month's video activation, found here, and the rest of this article which includes two super-simple and effective steps: click here to keep reading

In the past week, I have found myself especially drawn to Oprah Winfrey and have felt a truly visceral response of confirmation of this month’s message when watching her more recent interviews and speeches.  One thing I noticed she mentioned in response to various inquiries about her continued success was, “I consistently pay attention to my life. I know my life and everything in it is communicating back to me.  Before you can do anything well, you must know who you are being.”   Another one of my personal mentors gave me a simple and powerful response when I asked her how we know when we are truly in process towards our goals, or simply letting ourselves off the hook:  “Self-Honesty.”
When clients work with me to boost or even completely transform their relationships to their own well-being, their experiences with others, their daily lifestyle and career, or to spiritual connection, this is where we start. Although we will still have the ability to journey deeply into what is unknown or unconscious through the Soul Board Meeting channeling process, long-lasting success requires truly knowing yourself in the first place.
When we take our new-found resolve to stay present in the discomfort and focus it towards really owning what is currently happen in our life, we are gifted with almost a super-natural ability to make rapidly manifested changes for the better in all areas.   There are two things required- simple, even if not always easy:

  1. Be like Oprah, and pay attention to your life.  Look at where you are feeling stuck or repressed and ask yourself, “What’s my role in this? What could I own about my personal involvement here?”
  2. Practice the unwavering discipline of knowing no matter what your role is, you are still lovable. We are always doing the best we can do, until we can do something else. Step #1 will actually be impossible to accomplish without this step.

This is not about staying the disempowering stories of the past, or focusing on unhappiness or blaming yourself for everything you don’t like in your life. We are constantly exchanging roles and experiences with our environment. However, if you know you are lovable and free from self-punishment no matter what, you will be able to get more clarity around what you can do to move out of the blocks in life.  So many of us grow afraid to acknowledge anything unsavory about ourselves, trying desperately to hide from family, friends and the general public anything that could deemed worthy of punishment and rejection. Most of those tuned into this message value the concept of self-love. And yet we are then afraid to acknowledge anything that is potentially not right in our beliefs and actions, which keeps us mystified about our current situations. When we know we are lovable, we can get into the nitty-gritty.
Here are a few examples:

  • If you are feeling tight financially, you may ask yourself: “Have I educated myself on managing the money I already have? How consciously do I interact with money?  How deeply have I investigated my past and current understanding of financial prosperity?”
  • If you are feeling frustrated with the current state of our society you may ask: “What is it that I am really frustrated about in my environment? What is the positive opposite of that frustrating circumstance? What sort of mind-set, behavior and action-steps in my community could help activate the positive opposite?
  • If you are wanting a loving and supportive partnership with another you could ask: “What are some ways I could give myself some of the feelings and experiences I want to have with a partner? Am I engaging in dating or sexual experiences that don’t feel honoring or in integrity with what I am really looking for?” “Am I creating the opportunity for time and space for partnership?” “Am I willing to pay attention to my life and see where love is already here?”

Check out this month’s video activation!

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So looking forward to connecting with you soon!



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