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July Soul Channel Report


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Hello, Soul Innovators! Welcome to the July 2015 Soul Channel Report.  You can find this month's video activation at this link click here for video..
The picture from above come from a truly bad-ass Soul Board Meeting Circle I facilitated in Huntington Beach, CA this past spring. Although this was my first time meeting the group, many member of the circle already knew each other well from other transformative and healing endeavors.  Perfect photo for the message- read on! 

Last month we basked in the collective message to own ALL aspects of ourselves, with the knowing there is not one piece of us that unworthy of acknowledgment.  July’s message goes even deeper. Once we can have honesty with ourselves, it’s time to bring it out in to our community.
Our guides’ message was nothing if not direct  when I tuned into the energetics and Akashic Record of July as well as the Akashic Record of everyone who will read this message:

“Start organizing; become a collective. Share the strength of your ideas and go public! It’s time to gather honestly.”

Where is honesty trying to show up in your life?

So often in any type of group, collaboration or connection with another, we are often trying to repress and emotion, feeling or desire in the hope we can adapt to the group at large. We judge ourselves internally:

“That desire or emotion isn’t healthy or right or realistic.”  
"I’m being irrational or idealistic.”
“I don’t  have time for that.”
“That’s not possible for me.”
“Nobody else seems to want or need that.”  
“I need to suck it up and get over it.”

Yet the guidance of this month assures us: whether in intimate relationships or in large organizations: having our needs met while serving the greater good IS possible.  In fact it is crucial for the betterment of our society. We are at our most successful and joyous when we are truthful with others.

Real power comes from honesty.

You too can begin to interact honestly with yourself and collectives big and small with the support of these three principles:  

1. Every desire, feeling and emotion is a supreme teacher guiding you to your destiny and success.  

We are here to experience a range of feelings.  No uncomfortable feeling will last forever. However, it’s going to last a whole lot longer if you attempt to suppress it and drag out the journey to the breakthrough or awakening on the other side of the discomfort.

No desire has to become destructive.  Yet when we shame or deny a desire, it often pops back up in a destructive way that is in actuality an act of inner rebellion from feeling punished or wrong.  

For example, we may need a period of relaxation, play and release but we keep putting off because we think we don’t have time.  What could have initially been a desire for a nature walk, a nap, a leisurely dinner or phone call with a friend becomes the desire to numb out with half a dozen cocktails, a joint, a candy binge or manically scrolling the Facebook feed on our smartphones every 20 minutes. These desires aren’t shameful; they are letting us know we are waiting too long to take care of ourselves.

Begin to treat all desires, especially the small subtle ones, as deep wisdom leading you to your highest potential and watch what happens.

2. You empower others when you live and speak your truth.  

A great example of this was Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce, last night at the ESPY Awards.  She asked people to remember this is not really about her pop culture moment, but rather about the thousands of transgender kids often suffering as they come to terms with who they are in a society that more traditionally did not accept their truth.  When we ask honestly for what we need and express ourselves we model what is possible. We encourage others to stop hiding and start shining.   

3. Group conflict stems from the fear we will not get what we need.

There is less conflict and discord in groups when everyone is taking care of themselves rather than secretly sacrificing and resenting doing so.  Oftentimes we are carrying a belief we might be left behind, or there won’t be enough unless we fight for it. That belief may be with us from an experience we had personally or something we have internalized from our family , environment or even a past life. However if we are to transform our communities we must practice the discipline of healing that notion. 

Begin to track all the ways you have been cared for, today and everyday and all the reasons to feel safe and satisfied right now. Find the part within you that is feeling scared to share, and ask what is needed to feel safe. (Check out this month's video for an activation to help!) When we relax into a space of confidence our needs will be met our authentic desires in a group situation will more often than not will combine beautifully with the greater good of the collective. Ready to join a group with the power to manifest an incredible life for everyone in it? By popular demand, introducing the Soul Innovator Collective program! July was obviously the month to announce it 🙂  More info can be found by clicking here 

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