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Have you put your desires “on ice?” this summer?


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It can be really easy to put things  we want "on ice" this time of year.  On one hand, we may need a break from our goals every once in a while: a period of space can release our resistance. Sunshine beckons and our inner child clamors for a vacation!  Plus family trips, weddings, and gatherings can abound.  Yet especially as an adult, there are often so many commitments to others in the summer to balance with regular work and responsibilities that our own desires and progress can fall to the wayside, with the hope we will return to them later...the push-back can continue with the start of the school, holidays, etc...

If you've been putting some of your own dreams on ice this summer, a message came through yesterday from a spirit guide during a Soul Board Meeting  that feels important to share. (A SBM is my signature offering; a powerful channeled and energetic healing experience with your  “non-physical team” of ancestors, guides, and past lives.)

"This is the time of year where resistance and old painful habits can literally melt away.  Take a stand for for this awareness. Work with the powerful, hot, moving energy of this season and watch how much can manifest! Please encourage others to prioritize their dreams now! This is the perfect season for it!" 

I thought of what has manifested for the clients I have been working with this month quite rapidly: New "dream" jobs and promotions, exciting new romantic prospects, the release of discomfort in the physical and emotional bodies.  By making just a bit of space in their schedule and using the energy of summer as a boost, they are experiencing in this moment things they might have originally had assumed would have taken months or longer to manifest. 

So I share that with you today: this season of playful, sunny, quick-moving flow is one of the best energetic environments to have rapid transformation and manifestation.   Are you desiring...

  • Experiencing better health and more peace in your body  

  • Cultivating supportive and loving relationships, old and new 

  • Calling in a purposeful, abundant career  and daily lifestyle  

  • Manifesting new opportunities to travel  

  • Gaining insight about your past lives and their current impact 

  • Activating your intuitive, psychic and healing abilities to work with yourself and others

  • Connecting and communicating with the guides and ancestors here to support you

In the spirit of the season (and since many of us can have extra financial commitments in the summer) I would like to invite you to a  Summer Flash Sale.  Let's work with the powerful energy of summer and melt away the resistance. You can book until the end of July for discounted rates on the Akashic Records Activation Course (with dates as early as next week!), Soul Board Meeting Sessions and the new group manifestation program, The Soul Innovator Collective!  Feeling called to check these offerings out but not sure which is the fit for you?  Schedule a complimentary Soul Innovator Session. It can be a great first step in manifesting the life you want. In this 30-minute phone session, we will: 

  • Do some brief Soul Channeling/psychic reading to see what conscious energy is presently is in your field, ready and waiting to communicate, guide, and support your journey.

  • Identify the  old patterns you are currently experiencing and create a strategy for healing, clearing and celebrating their release.

  • Clarify your current goals and desires for your life experience.

By the end of our session, we will also know if you and I are a good match to continue .  You can check out some testimonials of these experiences here 

These offerings or something outside of my work may be the fit for you and your path. You can apply and schedule for this complimentary experience by clicking HERE and choosing "Soul Innovator Session" from the list.


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