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August Soul Channel Report



*The above picture was taken at the Highline walking trail in Manhattan a few weeks ago. At one spot on the trail an enourmous amount of lego pieces on tables had been set up, with an invitation to the genral public to get together and play. I love the way all of these "strangers" were coming together to build a new world and as you will read below it's pertinant for this month's message!*

“Heal the individual and transform the collective.” This was the initial message when I began the channeling the messages for these monthly reports in December 2014.  In the first half of 2015, we received many activations and strategies for doing this; by taking our power back from old conflicts and situations, owning our personal value, nurturing our inner child, learning how to stop “checking out” from our live and love ALL of ourselves.

Last month, at the halfway point of the year, the energetic tide started to turn from just working on ourselves to bringing it out the people and places around us. The July Soul Channel Report message asked us to start sharing our unique voice and self-expression in public.  It appears that we as a collective have now done enough development internally to share with others in integrity and  attract the right people, places and environments for our highest good.  As we delve into the information below I will tell you now this is quite likely my most out-there Soul Channel Report yet. But we are ready to move beyond to a new plane of discussion. If you are reading this article, I trust that you will get what you need from it, whether it’s an experience of consciously resonating with this information or not.

When I work with clients using the Four Destiny Directions of Life – the four relationships that guide our soul journey and steer us towards our true desires- we always start with the Direction of Self. Once we have a firm grasp on that and are able to rewire our relationship to our own physical and emotional well-being, desires and the experience of our own company, we can then work successfully with the Direction of Community – our external network of neighbors, housemates, colleagues, partners, lovers, friends and family.  We must first have a loving relationship with ourselves to even allow the experience of that with others.  It’s not to say you cannot attract a loving connection in your life if you are not currently experiencing that with yourself- after all, underneath all the layers, your core foundation is Love- however it is nearly impossible to let it IN and actually FEEL the experience of being loved and supported by others unless you treat yourself with that same regard.

And so here we go with this month’s theme  “Get out there!”  This is what I have been asked to share from our collective “non-physical” team of guides, teachers and ancestors as well as from the Akashic Record of the month of August for everyone who will be reading this report and receiving the activation. There is an action step for you to take, since a lot of the internal work has been done. You’ve been changing the way you are experiencing your relationship with yourself. You enjoy your own company more deeply. You have become more forgiving and compassionate with yourself. You know who you are and what you want.  You’ve started to share more of this with the world around you.

It’s time for the souls in this collective to gather with even more of their like-minded tribe.  Those who have done the work will be magnetized to the right groups and places to take their progress even further and their boost their personal success even higher.  We are starting to be energetically directed to certain collectives through the vehicles of groups, festivals, events and gatherings. This is the prime moment- should you start to feel energetically pulled attending a gathering, joining or group or starting your own- do it!

On a more esoteric level, we are being drawn to gathering in our most authentic selves with others not just for our individual satisfaction and success but for the well-being of the planet.  Through gatherings of beings harnessing the energy of truth, love and freedom, we are able to pull in major energetic activations and intellectual and emotional awakenings for the entire planet.

The message from our collective teachers is that when we heal on a personal level, we receive energetic and emotional upgrades from our own personal guides and teachers. This can manifest as actual teachers and guides coming into our life physically or psychically, or as downloaded insights and shifts received during activities that raise our personal frequency such as with dance, yoga, art, meditation, preparing healthy food, intimacy, healing from tragedy and trauma, and meeting our personal goals. As the old adage says, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

However there are also guides and teachers who are here to support and hold larger a group, rather than just an individual, such as the guides supporting group healings, collective messages and reports such as this one.  These are smaller collective guides. Going further than that, there are teachers and guides here to support the entire planet simultaneously- the natural environment as well as its inhabitants.  These total planetary guides have been following the progress of the earth’s inhabitants more closely than ever.   We are coming into an age of more and more high-vibration people claiming their voice, value and power and uplifting others to do the same. This is happening at an unprecedented pace through the internet.  We are posting videos, sharing stories, raising money, running businesses and offering products and services that were once esoteric and are now nearly main-stream. We are activating and awakening each other.

As we create a planet that is once again more largely represented by Love, Heart, Trust, Stability and Room for Growth & Expansion by our own frequencies fusing into the collectively,  we actualize the Oneness that is discussed in both ancient texts and new-age articles.  Our planet can then receive the frequency infusions that will increase harmony in all aspects of the planetary experience.




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