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April Soul Channel Report




Happy April, Soul Channel Collective,

Have the sunny days, warm breezes and Easter candy sales brought out the kid in you?  If so, you are right on target, because when I called in the April theme for our collective it was : "Go Back to the Child Within."  There are two parts to this theme, so I will start with the first aspect below and the question "where do you have a child doing an adult's job?"

You may have heard of the term Inner Child before, as that young part of us that always in present within our adult conciounsess. I also mean it in the context I have experienced it for myself and others.  If you have done a Soul Board Meeting session with me, you know that part of the experience is when I translate the energetic stories and beings that are around your body and within your body.  In about 90% of the sessions I facilitate, my client will have a piece of  themselves continusly living out a specific age in childhood or adolecence where something crucial occured as related to our current development.

This "Little You" will patiently or no-so-patiently wait to be witnessed. Sometimes it is to remind you of your strength and abilities or to be finally witnessed and loved in your pain.  Oftentimes a block or difficulty in our physical/emotional health, relationships or career is due to that fact that is not actually you at THIS current age making the decisions. It is that CHILD you from whatever the crucial age is for you personally steering the ship. Although the age could vary, I have been guided to share that the "crucial" age range for the vast majority of our group will be between seven and eleven years old. (If something is popping for you as you read that sentance, make some time to journal and think about different experiences and feelings you remember from that time period. You may also want to check in with family and friends about that age in your life if you are comfortable doing so)

This month our guides tell us it's time to let that kid go play again.

Check out this month's video activation for some support on meeting that little kid!
We are having a great time swapping stories and even posting pictures of our little kids self on the facebook feed of this video which you can find here at this link here otherwise check it out on youtube right here

The other aspect of this theme is about taking care of ourselves as if we are still in a phase of growing, learning and blossoming: because we are! It is time to lighten the toxic load of stress, obligations and worry we are choosing to put on our shoulders. It is time to stop making alochol, drugs, television and the internet our outlets when we need a break. Our collective is asking for some time to REALLY play and have some fun! Think about it: when a child is well taken care of they ae made a priority in various ways.

For example, measures are taken to ensure they are given plenty of space for rest, relaxation, laugher and play. They are not made to feel responsible for other people's actions. They are given the opportunity to learn through making mistakes and asking questions. Accomplishments, holidays and birthday are celebrated with fun tradition and acknowledgements. They are taught to honor their appetites and other bodily needs without shame, and are given nutritious foods and drinks, with hopefully a limit to candy, soda, caffeine and other nutrionally void "entertainment snacks"  They are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination and to express themselves whether or not it is what they will do as a career later on. They are given permission to need and want affectionate, nurturing touch like hugs, cuddles and kisses. They are affirmed and comforted rather than being called weak for being nervous, scared or sad.

As you read these examples, what comes up for you? Were you given these gifts growing up? Or perhaps you got what you needed in some ways, but not in others. You now have an opportunity to give yourself these gifts again or for the very first time.  You can take some inspiration from the above descriptions or try these simple ideas to come back to your inner child below:

  • Play some music that you used to enjoy as a kid and dance and sing along for at least one song.
  • Ride a bike
  • Watch your favorite childhood movie or TV show
  • Call a sibling, parent grandparent or old friend and share a fun memory
  • Invite some friends to the park for a game of catch, frisbee or to fly a kite
  • Prepare your favorite meal from childhood
  • Watch home movies or look at an family album
  • Take out some paints, markers and a notepad and have an art day
  • Ask for a hug
  • Snuggle up with a stuffed animal or a really soft blanket
  • Write a letter to you at a certain age telling them about your life now, what you would like to know and ways in which you are proud of them

If this article resonates for you, let's discuss the possibilties of connecting with you at ALL ages through a Soul Board Meeting experience!  As one client recently said, "It's six months of therapy about my childhood in one session...and it's actually fun."

Shoot me an email at for more information

Always with Love,



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