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Alee’s Healing Recipes: Creamy Melon-Cuke Cooler




This is always a crowd favorite on a hot sweaty day! Hydrate, cool down the body, replace minerals and soothe sore muscles with this super-simple and delicious Creamy Melon-Cuke Cooler...for those who imbibe, it's a perfect match for tequila or rum...

You will need to prep for this drink by cutting up a watermelon and a cucumber and putting the chunks in plastic bags in the freezer to freeze overnight.

3 cups frozen watermelon chunks
1 chopped frozen cucumber
1 handful fresh mint
Juice of 2-3 juiced limes
1 cup coconut milk (or water if you want a less creamy texture. You can also sub almond milk etc.)
Hearty dash of sea salt
1 packet stevia

1. Add all ingredients to a good quality blender. Use a tamper to press down on frozen melon and cucumber or add more liquid as needed.
2. Put in favorite glass and enjoy!

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