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About You

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If you are drawn to this work, you are probably what I fondly call a Soul Innovator. Here are some common characteristics…

  • You can sense there is an underlying energy, theme or pattern happening in your life and your curiosity is leading you to different opportunities to get to the bottom of it. You seem to be more sensitive to what’s happening than many other people, unless they are just doing a better job of hiding it.
  • You have connected with your guides in meditation, through readings or tarot or being in nature…or would like you! You have always been drawn to psychic shows, readings etc.
  • You have heard the words Akashic Records and something in you lit up!
  • You want a different experience and reality than what you were around growing up or your every-day environment. Maybe you have even chosen to confront and release unhealthy patterns and cycles that have been occurring in your family lineage- the buck stops with you.
  • Because you have chosen to be proactive in clearing these cycles and patterns you may find it difficult to not feel other people’s pain, anxiety or fear.  You often get a clear intuitive “hit” for other people/ Perhaps you were given the “Healer’s Initiation” of being born into a very chaotic family life.
  • You might have a tendency to get immersed in very intense relationships with people who need a lot of support. Eventually this tendency might even make you go the opposite way- steering clear of getting too intimate with anyone because you are afraid of feeling so deeply.
  • Your body may try to create boundaries for you through excess weight, skin rashes, asthma, coughs, or an inclination to smoke.
  • You have stopped seeking out permission to take care of yourself and have started to try new foods, healing modalities, daily practices and other experiences that feel right for you personally.
  • You have begun giving yourself permission to ask for a life where you get to enjoy an abundance of whatever resources you desire; including money, love, time and space, good health, fun, and supportive relationships. Even if you haven’t fully connected to physical manifestation of all of these steps, you are at the stage of believing this could be possible for you.


So glad to have you here! Welcome to the tribe!