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I have spent the last decade professionally supporting others to reclaim the story of their life and bring in the vibrant health, authentic joy, deep connective relationships and most of all  LOVE that is their birthright.   I was born on Valentine’s Day because I am here to be a walking, talking Valentine to anyone who crosses my path. I take this job seriously 🙂 My formal education includes a Bachelors in Journalism and Music Industry from Boston's Northeastern University, and an advanced certification in Holistic Health Counseling from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in partnership with Columbia University where I was also in a special program for the top 10% of the student body. Additionally, I am a trained and experienced in Gerson Therapy, am a Reiki Master and Akashic Records Teacher and am attuned to three other energetic healing modalities;  Radiance Technique, All-Love Sekhem Energy and the Attunement Process.

Growing up in New York within a family of passionate artists and musicians, I have always been fascinated by the stories of the soul.  I got an early start working in the music industry as a television panelist, journalist and live music photographer by the time I was a teenager.  It was around this time my brother and father both began their own heroic journeys through serious forms of cancer. This family shake-up was an opportunity to connect as a team as also to commence the healing process of my own physical and emotional ailments.  This  had included excess weight, mood swings, ADHD and asthma attacks.  As I we completed the cycle of serious illness in my family, my passion for stories and connection had been given a new vehicle.  By age 22,  I was working with clients all over the country as a holistic health and nutrition coach.  I was pretty sure I had it all figured out.  Learn how to take care of yourself through better nutrition and lifestyle practices, and everything else will fall into place, right?

Meanwhile, I also felt energy and saw spirits my whole life but didn’t have a context for what I was experiencing. I would feel the pain and turmoil of human consciousness so deeply it felt like an obligation to take it on.  I was highly sensitive to the world around me, but felt guilty asking for what I needed.  I would empower others while still finding myself in emotionally depleting and even abusive relationships.  I had a hard time receiving the love and acceptance I so freely gave out to the world. I also saw other family members that were highly sensitive and psychic people experienced an emotional and physical effect by the energy and people around them.

Soon enough, a deeply activating spiritual experience turned back “on” the  channeling and psychic abilities that I had tried to forget or shrug off as a child, when I didn’t know to work with them healthfully. I spent a few years with shamans, therapists and spiritual teachers, learning other energy healing modalities as I developed a context for what I was seeing and feeling more strongly than ever and how it could be used to help myself and others. This became the process that is now known as a Soul Board Meeting.  Through these Meetings, I am able to translate the energetic field within and around your body, and introduce you to the “non-physical team” that is here to help you. Within a short period of time I found myself facilitating these electrifying and transformative Meetings virtually and in-person for hundreds of people around the globe.

Here are some ways we may have connected already

  • The Soul Channel Monthly Report, a free report channeled monthly, which  you can sign up for here
  • The Soul Board Meeting Process group and solo experiences
  • Private coaching work utilizing functional nutrition and wellness, holistic coaching energetic healing and channeling.

For a few years I kept my two types of work separate…I was told it could turn off or weird people out! But then I saw my clients who just focused on their body and emotions and my clients who focused just on Spirit needed what the other was having! Plus they still had un-claimed desires in their relationships with others and in the type of work they wanted to be doing as a career.   And I started to mirror the needs of my clients…such as being able to earn a good income doing work I loved, but only by working 75-80 hour weeks with no time for recharging. I had an evolved relationship when it came to nutrition and wellness, yet I was allowing some very draining relationships, and had a fear of letting in new partners.

I saw that when we only focused on clearing the patterns on one piece of the puzzle, whether it was with our body, spiritual experiences, our career or our social life, we were missing out on truly receiving everything available for us.  If something is out of alignment in one area, that thread will be found in another.    Finally, I began to integrate ALL aspects with my clients and myself.  We began to see real, lasting change.

  • Turning on vibrant physical health and gaining a deep understanding of the best foods and lifestyle practices. Quick recovery time in the event of a “flare-up.” The clearing of major and chronic illnesses.
  • Replacing anxiety and stress with a regular state of being happy and relaxed. The clearing of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Creating new, exciting relationships that were truly fun and supportive and transforming the current network of relationships. Family, friends, colleagues, calling in new love relationships, marriages even the people in the general public became kinder and more loving.
  • Building a foundation for a successful career and a daily lifestyle that allowed us to share our unique gifts and truest desires in an abundant, meaningful way. Having more money and more fun within our day to day lifestyles!
  • Discovering and activating our own ability to connect with our own “non-physical team” of energy that are here to help lift any stale blocking patterns and guide us to a life where we feel connected, loved and free.
  • The feeling of being essentially unshakable in any “tough spot,” because we understand the underlying Directive Relationships in a way allows us to re-navigate ourselves back into what we want.


I  offer my global base of clients customized, deeply comprehensive and effective private coaching containers utilizing holistic counseling, functional nutrition and the Soul Board Meeting process. Additionally I teach others to read the vibrational database known as The Akashic Records for themselves and others.  I also travel frequently offering live workshops and private in-person sessions wherever my non-physical team takes me 🙂  I am based in Chicago, IL where my favorite spot is Humboldt Park.  Other passions include intuitive cooking, painting with water colors and glitter, dancing all night to soul music, and really deep belly laughs with my supportive and hilarious Inner Circle Community; family, clients, colleagues and my man .