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Women + Relationships




Today as you may have already seen marks International Women's Day. I have enjoyed seeing how this is being acknowledged and celebrated across social media, and it reminded me of this amazing Goddess Ball some friends of mine organized a couple years ago on Valentine's Day in partnership with to help end global trafficking.

No matter what gender we identify as, today is truly an opportunity to celebrate and honor the feminine within all of us.

All beings embody aspects of the masculine- that part of us that provides, protects, and creates massive action- and the feminine- the place within us that is expansive, creative, nurturing and receptive to the resources we need.

Another beautiful aspect of our feminine nature to celebrate today is the ability we all have to connect deeply and nurture the relationships in life with our community.

Many of my clients embark on my Connection Mastery program because they want a more satisfying connection to the community in their life; colleagues, friends, family members, partners (or lack thereof) and the non-physical realm of guides, teachers and ancestors here to be part of a supportive community for you as well.

If you have found yourself wanting a deeper, more nurturing experience with the relationships in your life, here's 4 tips to to begin activating that:

1. It is crucial to understand the relationship you are in with yourself because outside relationships are simply mirroring this one. Are you feeling lonely, betrayed, confused or abandoned? Where are you leaving yourself alone, where have you betrayed or abandoned yourself, where are you lacking clarity in regards to your own desires? Identifying this and then taking the steps towards love and redemption in yourself is what will set you free from creating experiences with other people that are making you feel depleted and unhappy.

2. Create a Partnership Journal: Get a notebook and write out in detail your ideal and desired experience in all types of connections whether they are in your life currently or not: colleagues, close friends, large social groups, health practitioners, clients, lovers, family members and classmates. Give yourself a detailed outline of each ideal relationship and then a few examples of experiences and feelings you would like to have within that connection. Another powerful tip is to end your day listing all the ways, tiny or large, that these types of connections and experiences occurred. What you focus on expands!

3. Pick a person you haven't made time to be with more deeply in a while and create some space to catch up one-on-one. It could be a virtual Skype date if they are out of town, a cup of tea and a board-game or a long walk- something that will not be uninterrupted by large crowds, cocktails and television.

4. Apply for your complimentary Divine Discovery Session with me!I am pleased to be offering up some more space in my calender for complimentary Divine Discovery Session focused on Relationships. Using both channeled energy-work and collaborative coaching, we will look at some of the crucial patterns woven through your relationships and help you call in what you truly desire in this all-important area of life .We will also discuss if my Connection Mastery private healing container could be the right opportunity for your goals.
Reach out to my awesome assistant Tiara by emailing with the subject line "Discovery" and she will get you all set up! I look forward to talking with you soon!


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